Pastor Brad’s Newspaper Column

God And Government – There Is A Connection

Pastor Brad Hales

     We’re in the center of a frenzy.  Colorful signs with bold names adorn yards and are situated by the sides of roads.  An endless stream of glossy postcards with messages of pro and con arrive daily in our postal boxes.  Robo calls invade our homes day and night trying to convince us of appeal and support.  Passionate believers knock at our doors, extolling the virtues of their worthwhile candidates.  It’s election time for our constitutional republic.


500 Years and Counting

By Pastor Brad Hales
     October 31, 2017. According to the calendar it’s on a Tuesday. The day when both young and old alike will adorn themselves in an array of costumes soliciting for candy, and partying on the unofficial American holiday known as Halloween. But there is something even more significant happening on this date, and it all began five hundred years ago. In a little town nestled in the Northeastern territory of Germany called Wittenberg, a certain monk, university professor and Roman Catholic Priest started a revolution that would change the history of the world, and his name was Martin Luther.
Luther, who grew in a rigid, discipline oriented household, was not raised for spiritual pursuits. His father, a mining manager, wanted his son to study law. But during a severe thunderstorm, fearing for his life, young Luther prayed to St. Anne for protection, vowing to become a monk if he was spared. Luther lived, so his religious journey began. In his early years Luther never felt that he was good enough for God. He never believed that he could rise to God’s love and standards. But that all changed when he finally had the opportunity to study the New Testament in the Holy Scriptures. After reading Romans 3:28, “For we conclude that a person is justified by God through faith, not by works by the law,” Luther realized that we are saved not by works, but only by a free gift of faith in Jesus Christ. This finally freed Luther to live in God’s eternal love.