BIE Day: Business, Industry, and Education

Pastor Brad led our Outreach team at BIE Day last Friday, August 4, 2017! We welcomed all the new teachers and staff of Culpeper County at Eastern View High School.

Here are a few photos:

2017 BIE Day Volunteers and teachers   2017 BIE Day PB meets the teachers

2017 BIE Day PB meets the teachers


Blessing Teachers & Students For The New School Year

2017 Blessing of backpacks

2017 Blessing of school personel and teachers

Pastor Brad invited kids up to bless their backpacks, computers, and school supplies. He also blessed and anointed school personnel in preparation for the new school year. Five counties were represented! Pastor prayed God watch over all the students and teachers, keeping them safe from harm. Have a great year everyone! Be a blessing!