Temple Talks: 500 years of the reformation

Reformation 1517 - 2017

Ms Ada Temple Talk Jan 2017

Elder Ada Foster hosts Temple Talks

500 Years of Faith: The Word at Work *

The first in a year long series of temple talks in celebration of the Reformation began January 28/29. Subsequent talks will be presented the last weekend of each month up to Reformation Sunday, October 29, 2017. Each presentation includes a Word from scripture, a scripture verse, a short history about Luther, a brief meditation to reflect on and a closing prayer, taken from ‘The Word at Work’ by Carol Geisler.* Challenges as suggested by the author for us to address in our daily lives related to the presentations will appear in the Weekend Special.

January Presentation: 

The Word is GOSPEL

The Scripture Verse – Habbakkuk 2:2-4

 ABOUT LUTHER the reformer.  Among his most noted contributions to the Christian world were his writings, lectures, sermons, statements for academic debate, essays, pamphlets,his catechisms, letters hymns and his unshakable stand on the Word of God. The use of the Gutenberg press enabled him to make his translation of the bible into German accessible to thousands of ordinary people, to the end they would understand the teachings of God’s Word.

FOR REFLECTION as believers, Ms Geisler writes; we should ‘compare the words you hear and read to the Word of God.’

The question we should ask ourselves is:   What is being taught in keeping with the Word? Is it all about Jesus the Word made flesh, who died and rose again for our salvation not because of anything we did or deserved but by His Gracious Love?  If not it should be., because like Luther,  that which should matter for us is the Word of God.

CLOSING PRAYER We beseech Jesus the Word made flesh to lead us by his Holy Spirit to read and study scripture. To help us  find the right words to share our love for him with others, that they too will come to know him as Lord and Savior.

Challenges suggested by the author:

  • What words have you encountered that challenge your faith in Christ?.
  • How you can use your words –spoken, on paper and on screen– to Glorify God?
  • How can you become more faithfully involved in the study of God’s Word?

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